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I - The legacy of Rudolf Vrba

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Escaping Auschwitz

Psychoanalysis and Social Theory

Escaping Auschwitz-

A Culture of Forgetting

Ruth Linn

  "In her new book, Ruth Linn describes a fascinating story of an escape from Auschwitz and the inability, or unwillingness , of the outside world to absorb an eyewitness account of the Holocaust.  Escaping Auschwitz  is an important contribution to the study of politics and memory".
  Jan Gross, author of Neighbors
  "Escaping Auschwitz is a first rate treatment of critically important event that might be called an emerging black hole: Vrba's escape from Auschwitz and the aftermath within the  context of Holocaust history.  The book is exceptionally important in its discussion of how  a country can engage in critical thinking about a morally problematic past and its analysis of the political forces that try to control the past.
  Stephen Feinstein, Director, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, University of  Minnesota

The exceptionally heroic story ought to be incorporated into the school curriculum.

Yehuda Bauer, (Makor Rishon,  May 15, 2006).

 הספור צריך להכתב בספרי הלימוד לבתי הספר. מדובר במעשה גבורה בלתי רגיל.
 יהודה באואר (מקור ראשון, 15 למאי, 2006).




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